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Olympia (WA) Genealogical Society

PLEASE NOTE: RootsWeb.com, the recent host of the Olympia Genealogical Society (OGS) Web site, was taken down by Ancestry.com on or about 20 Dec 2017. On 9 Jan 2018, Ancestry stated that it planned to bring back hosted Web sites in a phased process and in a read-only mode while it evaluates the restoration of more complete functionality. This obviously created a major problem for OGS in our efforts to provide information to our members and others via our Web site. Thus, we now are in the process of redeveloping the OGS Web site at this new location. A roll-out of the new OGS site with a number of enhancements is expected in March or April. In the interim, we will provide selected information here at our new URL.

UPDATE: On 23 Jan 2018, Ancestry.com announced that it had restored WorldConnect search and view functionality. As of 19 Feb 2018, other Rootsweb features and functionality, including the old OGS Web site, remain unavailable.

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